Private Pool Villas Hua Hin

Every luxury Hua Hin – Pranburi villa offers a unique design to set the mood beautifully for your holiday stay. Each one of our selections offers four luxurious bedrooms, three spacious bathrooms, and plenty of nicely decorated areas both inside and outside to bring you the very best Pranburi Villa experience.

Moreover, each of our private pool villas at X2 (pronounced cross-to) Hua Hin LeBayburi – Pranburi offers a beautifully calm outdoor space for swimming, relaxing in the jacuzzi, and sunbathing during your stay. With different themes to choose from, guests can choose the beachfront villa at X2 Hua Hin LeBayburi – Pranburi that best suits the occasion.

Mediterranean Retreat

With relaxing blue and white colors that evoke the spirit of under the mediterranean sea, this bright family villa at X2 Hua Hin LeBayburi – Pranburi that is home to a sunny, cheerful atmosphere all year round.

Pacific Hideaway

This villa features a warm layout and spirited character inspired by the sun-kissed luxury homes of northern Australia and the Pacific islands. Charming and beautifully arranged interiors recreate the essence of island life, making the outside world seem just a bit farther away as you enjoy your special holiday.

Modern Tropical

This family pool villa at X2 Hua Hin LeBayburi – Pranburi that recreates the magic of traditional Asian design, offering a tropical-themed feeling with extra-wide views of the nearby beachfront.

Scandinavian Vacation

Bringing breathtaking northern European design to the villa in X2 Hua Hin LeBayburi – Pranburi, this classic design adds Scandinavian wooden interiors and furnishings to create a refreshing, natural experience.

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