Bridge over the River Kwai / WWII museum & art gallery


Kanchanaburi is the largest of the western provinces of Thailand. It is frequented by tourists who have been attracted by its long history and ancient civilizations, a location of the Bridge over the River Kwai and scene of the World War II historic. The province is also known for its natural attractions such as forests, mountains, caves and waterfalls. The town really gained fame after WWII when the Japanese soldiers used it as a base camp for the POWs to build the notorious Thai-Burma Railway and the well-known bridge over the River Kwai. The story was featured in the 1957 Hollywood produced movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai” which won 7 academy awards. Another film about this historical event is “The Railway Man” which was shot mainly in the actual locations in Kanchanaburi and will be screening in 2014.

Local Points of Interest

  • Kanchanaburi town / railway station / bus station
  • Bridge over the River Kwai / WWII museum & art gallery
  • Don Rak War cemetery / Thai-Burma railway museum
  • Chongkai war cemetery
  • Tiger temple
  • Erawan national park (Erawan waterfalls)
  • Sai Yok waterfalls
  • Prasat Mueang Singh historical park (Khmer style ruin)
  • Hellfire pass memorial museum
  • Prom Mitr film studio (Naresuan movie)
  • Animal safari park
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