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What sets the luxury X2 Halong Bay Hill Resort apart from other resorts in Vietnam are the unparalleled views. Situated on a sprawling area of 25,000 sqm of land, it has arguably the most well-placed location, offering breathtaking 180-degree views of Halong Bay. The luxury X2 Halong Bay Hill Resort will offer a unique design that blends modern elements with a traditional Vietnamese influence, and will feature 100 elegantly designed suites, as well as luxury villas. Fully in line with the reputation of the X2 Resorts brand, this trendy resort will be one of uncompromising luxury.

The luxury resort’s facilities include the signature 4K Restaurant,renowned for its fine dining and delightful ambiance. Guests will enjoy the luxurious X2 Spa and fitness facilities, and the X2 Lifestyle Shop has an extensive collection of the most sought-after stylish, affordable luxury products.

Famous for its spectacular scenery, Halong Bay, which translates to “bay of the descending dragon”, is Northern Vietnam’s most visited destination, and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994. The fact that it has also been proclaimed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world should be no surprise to anyone who has visited the area. Rising from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin are thousands of scattered limestone islands with towering pillars and dotted with caves and grottoes, an absolute wonder to behold. The larger islands are home to dense tropical forests featuring unique wildlife, and form a rich treasure trove for nature lovers.

The X2 Halong Bay can be reached from Hanoi in only 2 hours’ time, a comfortable trip on the newly built highway that connects the capital of Vietnam to the area. The X2 Halong Bay Hill Resort will open in 2019.