X2 (pronounced cross-to) is a high-design, boutique range of holiday destination properties. Within the group is the highly revered, multiple award winning X2 Resorts chain with their wonderful design resorts, the X2 Villas branch with its selection of superbly located over large pool villas and the ultra luxury X2 Apartments, launched in 2013 with the stunning X2 Sydney; all of them sure to offer you the very best of design hotel holidays.

X2 Properties


X2 recognised that those individuals who appreciate style and design were becoming a lot less satisfied with the traditional tropical resort and residence designs that, while well executed, proliferate the Asian region. Not only are these developments becoming more and more similar, but they are often poor quality, badly serviced, increasingly undifferentiated and generally unrewarding from an emotional, spiritual and financial perspective.

With X2 they were determined to not only break out from the traditional design concept of tropical properties in the region but also redefine luxury in completely new terms, and allow their guests to ‘cross-to’ (X2) a new dimension of luxury…one designed for the spirit.


Properties by X2 appeal to people who appreciate style in a genuine, pure sense. Almost an anti-brand; X2 does what large properties cannot do, and a lot of that comes back to being human and unpretentious.

Whether it is design or service, X2 executes new ideas, not for the sake of it, but to deliver a unique sensual experience that is becoming so increasingly difficult to find in luxury holidays. X2 Resorts and Residences are an experience that feeds the soul and rewards the senses in a down to earth ways.

X2 owners and guests are not pretenders, nor out to impress. They are drawn to X2 because it is real, unique, stylish and relaxed…just like them.


In keeping with the X2 DNA, the group now offers a selection of boutique,design hotels, design style private holiday villas and apartments for larger group or families. These truly are very exclusive properties for the very best Thailand luxury holidays. Carefully handpicked for their outstanding layout, surrounds and location, with the main aim that guests will leave feeling fulfilled, satisfied and spiritually rewarded & refreshed from their unique X2 Holiday experience.


X2 Design Hotels cater to business travelers and luxury tourists using an interpretation of the X2 vision, adapting the successful concept into a 5 star city hotels. X2 Design Hotels provide guests with a level of service, privacy and convenience from design, that has become standard at all X2 properties.


Not to be confused with the private villa residences on sale, the X2 Villas are ultra luxury holiday villas. Designed and themed in true X2 style these villas will offer quite simply the most luxurious and enjoyable holiday accommodation in their various destinations. If you are looking for luxury holidays.


Now you can become the proud and privileged owner of one of these unique, award winning homes at their resort sites. To learn more about how you can become an owner of one of these limited edition, boutique homes select our ‘Residences on sale’ tab from the main menu bar at the top of this page.